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Centrist.org.uk is a website dedicated to the search for the political centre ground. This is a search taking place in most democracies across the world, leading to some important consequences. In Britain, the search has lead to mainstream political stances becoming noticeably more convergent than those of 20 years ago. It has also resulted in policies becoming ever more technocratic as they try to balance aspects of state welfare provision with classical liberalism. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It might be that those complicated problems that continually beset domestic policy be it pension reform, better education or migration require increasingly complex solutions. If so, it's difficult to see this being a trend that's easily reversible.

Centrism, as we describe it here, is a legal positivist stance which argues legal naturalism may be feasible by appealing to the scientific and philosophical study of egoism. For various philosophical reasons (described elsewhere on this site) centrism maintains that the resulting natural laws would most likely endorse the broad objectives of liberally free markets while supporting some form of state safety-net. Of course, commitment to these two principles is the stance of all major political parties (in the UK and more widely) the problems tend to arise at the point where the convictions of free-markets and state-intervention intersect. We suggest that most of the fundamental disagreements in domestic policy revolve around the balance of four tenets; liberty; egalitarianism; efficiency and custody, and we support all debate intended to find policies that do this elegantly. We are an independent, unaffiliated and unfunded organisation; our website aims to encourage discussion and publicise methodologies, analysis and viewpoints that relate to centrism.


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